Goblu & Bhive

We work very successfully with "GoBlu", a global team of experts in the field of chemical management. GoBlu conducts training courses on various
topics for employees in the production facilities. Our local teams provide long-term support to our suppliers in the sustainable implementation of new
processes through GoBlu.
In particular, we use the online tool "The BHive" to check dyes and auxiliaries used in the production process for their conformity with recognized
standards and certificates.

To operate in a sustainable way is no longer an option but an imperative.
GoBlu is the sustainability accelerator for apparel and textile companies, providing brand-level, supply chain-level, and communications services to
clients around the globe, with the mission to accelerate our clients’ ability to operate in a sustainable way. Our team of sustainability professionals
brings together decades of experience from leading fashion brands, retailers, academia and distinguished service providers—all under one roof.
As a service provider to companies operating in the apparel and textile industries, GoBlu gives support in areas such as
Sustainability Strategy Setting and Implementation, Capacity Building for brand headquarters or production offices, Supply chain Improvement
Programs including Chemical Management and substitution, as well as a range of communications topics such as
CSR reporting and stakeholder engagement.